Foundations of Fiction

Some cool developments lately:

First, starting in January, I’m going to teach “Foundations of Fiction” at StoryStudio Chicago. It’s a class geared toward beginning fiction writers or those who’ve been away from the craft for awhile looking to jump back in. I’m ridiculously excited for this. We’ll read some of my favorites, do some writing exercises, engage in lively discussions of the elements of the craft and hopefully workshop some of the students’ stories and novel excerpts. I’ve been devouring of bunch of different books on writing lately to prepare, collecting ideas and discussion topics. Can’t wait.

It starts on January 23 and runs every Thursday for 8 weeks. Details at

Second, my short story, “The Candidate,” will appear in the Fall 2013 issue of Chicago Quarterly Review. I’m told it will be out this month, so keep your eyes peeled. This issue is an anthology of Chicago writers and features some of Chicago’s writing all-stars such as Christine Sneed and Joe Meno, as well as talented writers who I also count as good friends, Micki LeSeuer and Paul Jones.

Finally, the short story that I blogged about cutting down to size a few weeks ago was accepted by a lovely online literary journal, so I’ll hopefully have a link to post soon.

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